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TxMonitor® was specifically created to provide holistic life-cycle Asset Management services for stationary electrical assets such as Power Transformers, Switchboards, Protection Relays, Circuit Breakers and auxiliary equipment.

Modern companies have goals that strive towards absolute safety, higher efficiencies and improved productivity.  This in turn places increasing demands not only on the enterprises physical assets as well as its people. At the same time, infrastructure is ageing and the capital required to renew it in its entirety is not always readily available.

The modern management of the organisation’s assets goes well beyond what traditionally was understood as “maintenance”. The operators and maintainers of these assets often feel they are pulled in opposite directions as current demands require that improved asset management strategies are devised while at the same time budgets are restricted and asset-specific knowledge is continually being lost.

TxMonitor® products and services have been specifically designed to bridge the knowledge gap by utilising the latest technologies to enable our clients to establish effective visibility on the condition of their stationary electrical assets.

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