Mid-Life Condition Assessment

Reduce risks to your business
As a transformer ages its risks of failure rise and its inherent reliability deteriorates. These risks are further increased if greater demands on utilisation and higher loads are made.

Likely results of unexpected failure of a business critical transformer can be uncontrolled financial costs / lower profit due to loss of production and business interruption. Additional consequences can be reduced asset life and loss of life. Although Risk cannot be completely eliminated, it can be understood, managed and mitigated to within acceptable levels through an understanding of the true condition of the asset.

Understand the “true condition” of your asset
As your transformer nears its mid-life it is an opportune moment to assess its true underlying condition. TxMonitor® will assess your transformer from the perspective of remaining life, reliability and risks of failure. We will identify any opportunities to extend the asset life, reduce running costs and optimise your future maintenance program.

TxMonitor® have in-depth knowledge derived from over 50 years’ experience into the various functional demands and failure modes that can arise in different operating environments.

Putting Control back in your hands
TxMonitor® is fiercely independent and we have the tools and experienced personnel to help you make informed decisions and leverage maximum asset life from your business critical transformers. Our condition assessment service is designed to ensure that your future management decisions are based on an independently verified expert assessment of the true condition of your critical electrical transformers.


Features Benefits
  • Analysis of existing condition and operating data
  • Onsite external and internal inspection
  • Specialist electrical testing
  • Oil and paper analysis by TxMonitor® laboratory
  • Expert peer review of data
  • Asset Management web application
  • Reduced failure risk
  • Extended asset life
  • Increased asset availability
  • Optimised future maintenance costs
  • Improved plant safety
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