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January 15, 2018

TxMonitor® successfully completed a Power Transformer Fleet Health Monitoring project of 119 generator setup-up power transformers spread across generation locations in VIC, NSW and SA.

Transformers were individually assessed with a defined acceptance criteria with associated weightings, and following a live asset health score for each power transformer was then established.

The condition of asset subcomponents history was considered such as Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA), detailed oil testing, detailed electrical testing, main tank condition, bushings, radiators, pumps, fans, on-load tap changes etc. was individually assessed.

Examples below are simple excerpts of an asset fleet health monitoring system. 

Figure 1 – Sample Visualisation Criteria with acceptance weightings

Figure 2 – Sample Acceptance Criteria for Oil Furan Analysis with normalised score between 0 & 4

Figure 3 – Sample Pareto Chart visualising of Transformer Fleet ranking condition of assets

Figure 4 – Sample Scatter Plot visualisation of transformer fleet

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