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By TxMonitor
March 20, 2014
TxAnalyser 1.0 TxAnalyser 1.0

We're very excited to launch TxAnalyser 1.0 - our cutting-edge, web-based, Electrical Asset Management platform.

Our team’s many years of collective expertise in the field of electrical assets, combined with the latest software tools and techniques, means we can bring you the ultimate asset management tool. The power of centralised data management, with a modern and intuitive user interface and the latest data analysis algorithms can deliver the best possible asset condition assessment and monitoring experience to your desktop. We always listen to the needs of our clients and as we continue to work on the development of second generation features we encourage users to share with us their thoughts on how we can continue to improve.

The release of version 1.0 marks the beginning of an electrifying new future which we think will change the way we collate and analyse asset data in order to turn it into usable and actionable knowledge to keep your plant running better, longer and more efficiently.

If you're at TechCon in April drop by our booth and have a hands-on test drive.

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