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By TxMonitor
May 7, 2015
Michel Duval and our principal Carlos Gamez Michel Duval and our principal Carlos Gamez

We have returned from a very successful show at the 2015 TechCon Asia Pacific in Sydney where our Principal, Carlos Gamez, presented a paper entitled "Life Assessment of Power Transformers".

We were also pleased to demo TxAnalyser2.0 to the many people who visited our booth at TechCon. This latest version of our state-of-art Asset Management web platform includes the Automated Condition Assessment Module which uses configurable algorithms for analysis of assets. Contact us for further information and a demo.

Carlos was delighted to meet Michel Duval at TechCon. Michel Duval is an internationally renowned leader in the field of dissolved gas analysis (DGA) for condition monitoring of oil-filled power equipment such as high-voltage transformers. The “Duval Triangle” method has become an indispensable tool for DGA and is used by asset managers, service laboratories, and manufacturers of on-line gas monitors. An IEEE Life Fellow, Dr Duval is currently a senior research scientist with Hydro Quebec Institute of Research in Quebec, Canada.

Thank you to all who visited us during the conference, if you would like a copy of Carlos' paper or discuss the subject matter with him please get in touch.

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