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By TxMonitor
November 27, 2015

Are you interested in learning more about your transformers? 

TxMonitor are conducting one day training courses focused on transformer maintenance and reliability.  The course is designed for engineering and maintenance personnel, who purchase, install, test, maintain and/or repair transformers. Consultants, manufacturers and repair shop personnel are also welcome.

The training facilitator, Carlos Gamez from TxMonitor, is an experienced Engineer in all facets of the Transformer Life Cycle. This course “Keeping Transformers Running” will include;

  • Transformer design considerations
  • Core and coils and insulation system
  • Transformer installation
  • Oil testing of transformers
  • Electrical testing of transformers
  • Transformer life management and extension
  • Transformer failures - "Things that go wrong"
  • Repair/replace decisions
  • Best practice in information management
  • Developing and implementing a HV asset health index system
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