Specification Development

From time to time organisations need to select and purchase new assets or repair and refurbish existing equipment.  The best way to ensure that the asset has the functional characteristics to meet the business requirements is to clearly define those requirements through documented specifications.

Documented specifications allow the concise conveyance of asset requirements and characteristics to all stakeholders involved in the management of that asset, from manufacturers and suppliers to operators and maintainers.

In addition, a specification mandates the standardisation of product features that fill specific business needs and may not be included in the manufacturer’s regular offering or required by any technical standard.

At TxMonitor®, we have a wealth of experience in Designing, Manufacturing, Installing, Repairing, Rewinding and Disposing of Power Transformers. This ensures your business requirements are documented in specifications incorporating the most current industry best practices.

Customised specifications are available for:

  • Tendering and Purchasing
  • Repair
  • Refurbishment and Rewinding
  • Major Maintenance Works
  • Disposal
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